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Oilfield-Insurance's oil and gas Risk Prevention Division's leading-edge training courses provide business  and professionals the skills they need to develop their competency, improve their performance, and drive business success. Our talented team of  instructors have exceptional credentials and practical, real-world experience.

Seminars and TRAINING

Fleet Management Training Seminars

Oil and Gas Insurance Fleet Management Training Seminars Insurance Oil and Gas Companies Oilfield Insurance

With regulatory organizations and insurance companies tasking oil and gas fleet professionals to reduce costs and increase responsibilities, our customers  look  to us to provide concise operational management practices and company support along with employee education, resources, and the information needed to  achieve their companies goals. 

Employee Development Seminars

Employee Development Seminars Oil and Gas Insurance Oil and Gas Companies Oilfield Insurance

Our oil and gas insurance employee training and development seminar is a program that helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles while learning to develop a more expansive  focus on their own employee growth and future performance.

DOT & Fleet Taxes Training Seminars

Dot Training Seminars Oil and Gas Insurance Oilfield Oil and Gas Companies Oilfield Insurance

 It is our mission to assist oil and gas insurance clients in establishing proper safety management controls for DOT compliance and insurance companies. Allowing them to minimize accidents and DOT violations. We will work with you to create safer roadways for the public, and increased profitability for your company. 

Field Supervisor Training Seminars

Field Supervisor Training Seminars Oil and Gas Insurance Oilfield-Insurance.Com Oil  Gas Insurance Oil and Gas Companies Oilfield Insurance

The oil and gas insurance leadership journey is a supervisor training program for team leaders, supervisors, and managers. Focused on developing 10 core supervisory skills.  

1. Accountability

2. Change Management

3. Coaching & Mentoring

4. Communication

5. Conflict Resolution

6. Empowerment

7. Motivation

8. Professionalism

9. Relationship Building

10. Teamwork 

Fleet Inspection Service

Fleet Inspection Service Insurance Oil and Gas Oilfield Insurance Commercial Insurance Oilfield Oil and Gas Companies Oilfield Insurance

While compliance may be your No. 1 concern, there are actually a number of benefits of inspections. First, regular inspections will increase the expected life span of your vehicles. This can boost your return on investment and reduce the cost of insurance and replacement. These insurance companies savings are significant! Next, inspections reduce your drivers' liability. If your oil and gas company performs the proper fleet inspections, and a problem happens on the road, This, in effect, lowers the liability risk of your entire fleet.

Free Initial Consultations

Oil and Gas Company Oil and Gas Insurance Oilfield Insurance Oilfield Insurance  Agent Insurance Oil and Gas Companies Oilfield Insurance

We are excited about what our oil and gas insurance Risk Prevention Division can offer to your group and thrilled that we can provide all of this in such a cost effective way! We desire long-term partnerships with our clients and we strive to earn your trust. We understand that both partners have to be successful for any long-term partnership to endure and our Compass Program offers you what a great partnership should provide. Please review the following page which shows the topics covered in our Compass Program and we look forward to setting up a time to meet with you.